Sketches and Acrylics

This week I caught the art bug. I drew or painted almost every night, and while I’m only a beginner at both, it was wonderful therapy. There’s no better way to get better than practicing, right? So here are some things I worked on:

1. Sketching other people’s sketches

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Hue Fantaisie

Throwback Thursday: I’m still a flute player, but I used to be a better one. 🙂 “What we’re gonna do here is go back…way back…back into time…” (anyone? ANYONE?) Here is my performance of the Hue Fantasie for Flute and Orchestra with The Ohio State University Symphony Orchestra. (Ahhhh, the good old days…)

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The Boy With The Red Cap

I’m starting my writing journey today by taking on a flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wending at The challenge is to write a story using a title that incorporates a color into it. The Brazilian folklore of Saci Perere came to mind. He is a mischievous prankster who wears a red hat. Here is my spin on his legend…

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